Saturday, January 17, 2004

Another Loss

Yipee! I am down another 2 pounds!! I weighed myself this morning.

Since I was feeling so good about my loss, I got out the Walking Away the Pounds exercise tapes. This is a nice, easy exercise tape but it still makes you work and if you are not in great shape, you are going to feel it. I did the 2 mile workout and not only is it easy, it is also fun! It is a lot more fun than the treadmill but that is another story.

I think I am going to alternate my treadmill with my tapes. I really want to get out and walk but it is not happening at the moment for many reasons.

My first big test will be coming up at the end of the month when we take a family trip to the Magical Kingdom and surrounding area. I am checking to see if there will be a DVD player in our villa and if so, I am bringing my tapes. Of course, walking around the parks will help me some but I don't want to lose the forward momentum I have.

I installed a counter over on the left so I can see how many folks are stopping by and I also updated the fat o meter to reflect my 3 lost pounds since I started back again. Wheee!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Non Scale Victory!

I will be the first to admit this is a teeny thing in the grand scale of things but I had to share a NSV (thanks for the term Andrea!) with you guys.

I was running around today, doing various errands. One of them involved a trip to the store. I got a bunch of grapes (darn, no green ones though but red seedless will work). As we went to the checkout, one of my kids asked "Can I go get your candy bar?"

Now, see, that is just sad that even my kids expect me to grab a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup. I like them, I am a major snacker with a sweet tooth so I usually get one to snack on.

I DIDN"T GET THE CANDY BAR! Those two little cups of chocolate and peanut butter would totally negate 20 minutes of sweating on the treadmill. Now, I am no rocket scientist but tell me, do you think it is worth it? No way! I smiled at the child in question and just said "Not today, hon. Thanks anyway."

I noticed that this time around, when I don't push distance or speed, my legs are not getting as sore as they did starting out. Yes, I can still feel my muscles complaining when I work out but nothing like they used to.

Gross fact, my rear end jiggles something fierce when I run and where I have jiggly fat, it itches so badly when I get any speed going. Boy, will I be glad when that stops!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I did it again

If I actually liked Brittany Spears, even a smidge, I would have put Oops in the title.

My treadmill got a workout again today. I went 1.3 miles in about the same time I did 1 mile the other day. My short term goal is to be up to an easy 2+ miles by the end of the week.

I alternate sprints (as much as you can on a treadmill) with a brisk walk. That means, for the brisk walk, I was almost 4 miles per hour, for the sprint, up to 6. Obviously, I was not sprinting for long distances but everything is a start.

I did weigh myself and I am down a whopping pound. Go me!

Sunday, January 11, 2004


Yes, my treadmill is up and working well. For almost 2 years, I have bemoaned the fact that the display doesn't work any longer. I like knowing how far I have gone and how long I have actually been up and sweating. I decided to take apart the display area to see if I could figure out why the display stopped working. I figured it out very quickly too.

Folks, having fresh batteries is an amazing thing to have. All this time and all the darn thing needed was new batteries. Silly me, who knew that the treadmill even HAD batteries??

I did 2 sessions this evening on the treadmill, both were only a mile but hey, I did them. I even jogged for almost 1/4 of a mile during the second set. I am hoping to come up with a sitter, at least a few times a week, so I can actually go out into air and do my workout.

I also moved around the treadmill. It is in my kitchen and was facing a I moved it around so it faces the kitchen. I also discovered that despite programs and commercials showing people reading while walking on a just doesn't work. I can't read a page that is moving up and down...even when the book is stationary. Drat....I was hoping it would help pass the time since an indoor treadmill seems to take longer. It is probably because the only time the scenery changes is when someone comes into the kitchen to ask me how much longer I am going to be.

Friday, January 09, 2004

The Big Picture

And sadly, it really is a big picture....of me. Yes, I did finally post the less than flattering pictures of me. You can look over on the pictures link and see what my "Before" is like. Rather hideous, if I say so myself.

If you are looking over there to the left, you will also notice that the thermometer has been reset since I managed to gain back the weight I had lost previously. ::::sigh::: Weight loss really sucks.

On a positive note, I have an entire board full of women who are cheering me on and a weight loss buddy. We weigh the same amount and I think having someone there with me will help me out so...thanks Alexis!!

I took a picture of the Mug 'O Water next to a 7 ounce cup. You can see how much water I am attempting to drink daily. I also found the key to my treadmill and plan to start using it since I can't get outside to actually walk at the moment.

No snickering at the pictures either :P

Sunday, January 04, 2004


Did you hear that loud thud? That was me, falling heavily off the exercise, blogging, eating well and drinking water wagon.

It is a new year, time to make resolutions although I personally hate them since they will be broken.

Today (again) marks the end. I have taken the pictures that show the whole ugly truth of how I look at my current weight. I will post them tomorrow (EEK!)

Baby steps, here I come. My short term goals are: drink more water, exercise. Once I consistantly am doing that, then I will go from there.

I have to also say, I am back at my starting weight so my thermometer over there needs to be changed...waahhh!! I have no one to blame but myself though.

So, thanks for being patient with me and being here AGAIN for me!