Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Easy Peasy Week

Back in June, when I first met with Chuck and my Half training group, this week looked so far away. Now that it is here, it didn't seem to take much time. It seems like we just started yet here we are, about to run the half.

What a long journey, in other ways, this has been. When we started, we did a time trial and based on that, Chuck set our weekly milage and pace. When I look back on it, it is so incredibly slow to me. I remember he wanted me to run my long run at a 13:40 pace (without going to look) and I think I would really have to work at it to slow down to that pace now.

We had an easy 6 mile run over the weekend. Jim stayed with me for the entire run so it went by a lot faster than it normally does.

This week, we have nothing but 3 mile runs today, tomorrow and then on Friday (which I am not sure WHEN on Friday we are supposed to get that in since we are driving to Memphis that day)

I got my target time today....2:27:45 for a 11:17 pace. I ran my 10K at a 10:54 pace so I should be able to make this goal ::gulp::

Still, I need to have faith, right? Chuck has never given me a goal for a race that I have not gotten within 10 seconds of so I CAN do this.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It Worked!

If you recall, last week I had a problem with some running tights that just would slide right off me. I had planned to take them to a tailor shop to get a drawstring put in but then decided to do it myself.

Armed with scissors, drawstring, safety pin and fray check, I bravely made two teeny cuts in the waistband casing. I put fray check on the cuts to prevent fraying (well, duh!) Putting the safety pin on one end of the drawstring, I got it through. Viola! Less than 2 minutes later, my running tights had a drawstring.

Tonight I put them to the test. I did jump around and jog in place in the house first with no slippage. Greg and I went out for a 4 mile run and there was no slippage at all! The drawstring was a success!!

We ran an easy 4 miles in 47:35 for a 11:55 pace. It was darn cold out though.

I had on lower cut socks this evening and the zipper on the leg of the tights rubbed a spot so next time, I will have to be sure to wear higher cut socks.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow for all those who celebrate it!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Official Time and Seven Miles

The official Turkey Trot results were posted and it showed me having a time of 52:41, which I am very pleased with. Of course, I don't think it accurate only because Theresa, who was about 2" in front of me at the finish, had a time listed of 52:33. Now, I am not overly technical but I don't think it would take 8 seconds to travel those 2". Also, before anyone thinks I am complaining or even upset, I am not. I find it more amusing than anything and I absolutely will take the 52:41! Chuck asked me to finish in 52:45 so I am thrilled I made it.

This morning was our long run. I have had a pain in my left calf, bad enough to cause a limp when walking. It doesn't bother me while running so Chuck thinks it is just from use.

Samantha was out at the back 40 along with Brittany and Chuck. Samantha and I ran a very easy 7 miles while Brittany hoofed it back as quickly as possible to get warm. Chuck passed us when we had about 1.5 miles left, he had done 10 miles.

1 mile - 11:34
2 mile - 12:20
3 mile - 12:15
4 mile - 12:36
5 mile - 12:42
6 mile - 12:02
7 mile - 11:42
.10 mile - 11:26
Total run time: 1:26 @ 12:10 pace
Total milage: 7.10 miles

Saturday, November 18, 2006

8K Turkey Trot

Today was the Turkey Trot here in town. I went upstairs to see if Kaitlyn wanted to run since last night she was somewhat wishy washy about it. She did want to go so she got ready. In the process, Kierynn woke up but was willing to lay in bed and watch TV so she didn't wake anyone else up.

We made it out to the mall and got Kaitlyn registered. There were only XL and XXL Turkey Trot shirts left so Kaity got an R3 shirt instead.

I had seen Chuck setting up the timer but didn't see Brittany anywhere. She found me though so we did our almost mile warm up. Right after our warm up, Samantha found me as well.

Now, whoever said that this was a relatively flat course LIED. Oh sure, there were some flat sections but it was most certainly not flat.

I had talked to Kaity before the race started, she wanted to know if she had to stay with me or she could run at her own pace. I said she could run at her own pace and if she wanted to take off, she could or if she wanted to lag back, she could. I started out entirely too fast but the first hill got me under control and I settled down to a better pace.

This was sorta an out and back course. We went down a road, turned around and came almost back before turning down a different road. After we crossed over the interstate, we turned around again and went back to the start.

Brittany, of course, finished long before I did and came out to run me in. Right as we approached the finish, she told me to stride out so I did. I passed a friend of mine, Teresa. She decided that she would not be passed and she kicked it in. I almost beat her but she pulled ahead of me in the chute.

Brittany was a bit peeved at this. Once I was in the chute ahead of her, she felt that Teresa should have let me go on ahead. I don't think it was that big of a deal although I would have been irked had it been someone I didn't know that did it.

I don't have my official time and I forgot to stop the Garmin when I crossed. When I did stop, it said my time was 53:17.

Brittany and I both went out to run Kaity in. She finished in just over 57 minutes. She was also the youngest runner on the course. There was a team from one of the schools running in her age group so she didn't place. All the girls who placed in her age group where 4-5 years older. Grant made sure she still got a first place ribbon.

Tomorrow I have a 7 mile run scheduled for the back 40 with Chuck, Brittany and Samantha.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


It happened again! I got a new set of running tights (could not find capris) and they were a size smaller. I have not worn a 12/14 since about 1993. I tried on the new set and was very pleased at how they fit. I jumped up and down, jogged in place and it seemed fine.

My 9 year old wanted to run with me this evening so we set out on a 5 mile run. 4 houses down and I can feel the insidious slippage begin again. I decided to take some drastic measures, rather than turn around to go change. I stood on the corner and stripped. Yes, you read correctly, I stripped right there in the middle of the street.

Since I always run with spandex shorts under, I took off the running tights, took off the spandex. Balancing on one foot so I didn't get my sock wet from the rain soaked road, I put the tights back on and then put the spandex over it. Yep, I was not going to win any fashion awards but it was dark and it kept the tights from falling around my ankles.

Of course, the tights slipped down and rested below my rear end, inside the spandex, for the run. It was very weird for about a mile before I could ignore it. Darn it, I was not going to cut my run short!

Sooo....tomorrow, I am taking the stinking tights to the tailor shop and having them put a freaking drawstring in them. Why in the world don't they already have one? You know, it is not like I have skinny hips, there is plenty of paddage there that you would think would prevent the slipping. I want to know what "runners" were the ones who tested these tights before they were placed on the market. They are made by Danskin and not really expensive but still.

Kaitlyn did awesome on the run. I gave her plenty of opportunity to cut the run short if she was feeling too tired but she chose the long route each time. We ended up running 5 miles at an 11:30 pace. I think she will do great on the 8K Saturday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ran My Pants Off

I recently got several pairs of capris to run in. I put on a pair to run in and headed out the door. A few houses down the road, I noticed an odd sensation. My pants were sliding right off.

I stopped and tried to tuck the waist of the capris into the waist of my shorts (under the capris) That worked for about 3 feet. Since I had shorts on underneath, I just took off the capris and continued my run.

These capris were a size smaller than I normally wear and they were falling off me!! I need to go down yet another size, I am thrilled!

I have an 8K coming up this weekend and Kaity decided that she wants to run it as well. We will see how that works out.

As you can see, some redecorating has taken place. Hopefully everything is working and looks okay.

I had a request for a close up picture of the cows on my long running route. By request:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ten Miles

This week, same as last week...I had a 10 mile run scheduled. Last week, if you recall, I had to pull up right after starting due to a cough. I rested this week (even though I did run once and it was tempting to go out again)

Normally, I run with my Half group for my long runs. Even though we may not physically be running next to each other for longer than about a mile, they are still on the route with me and that alone spurs me to run faster. No one was going to be out there today so I was on my own for my long run. ::gulp::

I really did not want to do this. I also didn't want to drive on Ft Campbell and run the back 40 solo. Even though I truly hate the route, I decided to run Chapel Hill for my 10 mile run. The last time I ran this route was at the beginning of August and it totally sucked. Still, today was a different day so I was willing to try it out.

My nine year old, Kaitlyn, hopped on her bike to come along with me and be my own personal support crew. She carried my water, my cell phone and my Clif Blocks. She rode normally in front of me, talking to cows, picking flowers and watching for deer.

The route is all in a rural area so I see a bunch of cows

and a lot of fields and trees

The run is still pretty darn hilly but after having run the back 40 and *those* hills, it wasn't so bad today. I think the fact that the temperature was 48 degrees cooler than the last time I ran it also helped. The route was not the bear I remember but a nice, pleasant run up in the Kentucky countryside.

1m- 11:16
2m- 12:00
3m- 11:59
4m- 12:21
5m- 12:27
6m- 12:20
7m- 11:59
8m- 12:59
9m- 12:26
10.10m- 12:04
Total run time - 2:03:19
Total milage - 10.10 miles

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knowing Your Limits

Nothing sucks more than having to come face to face with limitations when you don't want to admit to them.

Before the 5K on Saturday, I had felt the beginnings of a cold coming on. I tanked up on vitamin C, drank fluids and had no problems running. Things went downhill later in the day and by Sunday morning, I was feeling not so great.

Despite the fact that I wasn't feeling 100%, I decided to go out and meet everyone for my LSD. We had an 8 mile scheduled. On the way there, I was having some serious coughing fits but thought that once I started to run, everything would clear up and I would be okay.

Chuck announced we would do a 10 mile instead, which everyone was okay with. We started and I knew I was in trouble right away. I still tried for 1.5 miles before the stop, cough, run cycle was too much. At that point, I waved Jim on ahead of me.

Even though I could not run, I still walked 6 miles. I made it back just a little bit before everyone else did.

I was willing, my body just was not.

Since then, I have not run. I have been taking medicine and taking it as easy as I can. I have a 5 mile run on the schedule today but after talking to Chuck, I am sitting it out.

It just sucks, I would really like to be out there but I know in the long run, it would be better for me to sit it out until I am back to 100%

Saturday, November 04, 2006

APSU Homecoming 5K

Today was the APSU Homecoming 5K. As expected, it was a very hilly course. Even though I have run the course before, I have never run the entire thing at one time. We would run part here, run part there so I knew what to expect. Even knowing what to expect doesn't really prepare you for the stinking hills. They are not even big hills, they are just long and constant. If we were not running up a hill, we were running down a hill.

I met up with my running buddies and got checked in. We got a nice long sleeved gray t-shirt, not 100% cotton! Woo hoo! Even though Chuck, our coach, was not there, he was there in spirit so we were good little runners and went out for our mile warm up before the race

This was not a huge race, I think maybe 100 people so we milled around the start line and a guy yelled "Go!" and off we went. In looking around the crowd, my immediate goals were to beat:

-the 8 year old girl (did it!)
-the two pregnant ladies (did it! But I also know they were taking it very easy since they routinely trounce me in training runs)
-the 79 year old lady (did it! She was awesome, I want to be out on courses when I am 79)
-the walkers (did it!)

It was a nice day for a run although a bit chilly at 34F out. People were complaining about running in the shade, I liked the shade since it kept me cooler.

Chuck wanted me, based on last week's 10K time, to run 32:10. I know I thought he was nuts because there was no way that I was going to be able to run that course with hills in that time. The last time I ran a 5K in the downtown area, my time was just over 37 minutes. Of course, this was back in April when I first started running.

As I came to the start line, almost to the finish line, Lucas came out on the course to run me in. He told me that Brittany had come in at 25:xx (Chuck wanted her at 27:xx) and that Jim was still out on the course. Now, Jim normally beats me but he was running with his daughter, Emily (the 8 year old that I beat). I told Lucas that as soon as I turned the corner and came to the 3 mile mark, I would stride out. It really sucks that the final .10 is all uphill. I strode out and managed to squeak in at 32:09 (on the clock, my Garmin said 32:06)!

Reports are that Chuck called to check on Lucas (16:19) after the race and was pretty pleased with our times. Not happy enough to cancel our 8 mile run tomorrow though….

Brittany and I did our cool down run and found three walkers on the course. We let the race people know to stop tearing down the timer since they still had folks out there who probably wanted their time.

I was kinda hopeful I would place when the groups below me all had people placing with times after mine. In my age group, the top three were all under 23 minutes!! No medal for me there or as an alumni….darn. I really wanted the $50 gift certificate to the running store but I lost out on the door prizes as well.

It was a fun race, even though it was hilly. I am glad my race in 2 weeks is pretty well on a flat course.