Monday, December 13, 2004

Ha! You thought wrong!

I know those of you who may actually read this thought for sure that I had slipped once again and stopped exercising. Well, for the most part that is true only to a certain extent. I certainly have not been exercising like I should but I have been doing something.

Since Greg returned home and with the holiday season upon us, it seems like I can barely take a deep breath let alone carve out an hour at the gym. I dedicated THIS week to doing just that though. I AM taking my hour at the gym no matter what, barring death, serious injury or an eyeball popped out.

To that end, even though I had other things that were just as pressing today, I did take the time to go swim. I did 12.5 laps (or 25...depends on how you count it) in the pool. There was a wicked wind when I came out, with wet hair, so I think I may bring a hair dryer with me tomorrow. I am not sure when I will get in tomorrow, I also am going to Nashville, have a Brownie meeting and am donating blood but I will do it somehow.