Monday, October 25, 2004


Despite me not having blogged since last week, I have NOT stopped my program.

My friend who usually goes to class with me was not able to go this morning. I went by myself and did weights while waiting for the class to start.

The class is advertised as an all level step class, the instructor is supposed to do level I moves and the rest can do what they like if they feel it is too basic. I was fine for the 5 minute warm up and then all hell broke loose.

I don't know what the heck the instructor was doing but it was NOT even close to level I. I have been in this class before, with this instructor, so it was a total shock to me when she started this. She was doing moves I had never seen before. I tried for 10 minutes to follow, she kept saying just do basic moves.. Well, I follow the instructor and when she is whizzing around like an energizer bunny on crack, adding in hops, kicks and turns, I am lost.

I felt so embarassed and angry. Not only did I look like an idiot because I could not figure out how to follow along doing something at least similar, I also walked out of the class. I have never walked out of a class but I was just upset enough that I did. Of course, it didn't help that I was up in the front of the class either. I probably would have stuck it out if I had been further back in the class and if she had not kept making directional changes that had the entire class facing me.

I won't be taking her class again, I will stick to the instructors who do keep it down on the lower level for those of us who are uncoordinated and still learning. I guess I am going to head back into the Intro class so they can show me what the heck she was doing, she was saying they were basic steps but they sure were not any basic steps that I had been taught by another instructor.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


This morning I went into the male dominated weight room and got a pleasant surprise. There were more women in there today than men! Yay!

I worked on 8 different machines, arms, legs, abs, back, name it. My heaviest weight so far is 20 lbs and my lightest weight is 10 lbs. Granted that doesn't sound like much but when you have not specifically worked the muscles involved, those pounds add up.

My biceps are my biggest complaint at the moment, they are not happy campers. I felt good after doing the weights, like I had actually worked but not so much that I was ready to drop into an exhausted heap.

Tomorrow I am going to do my DVD at home in the morning and take all the kids swimming in the afternoon. Ryan is going to work on some requirements for his Aquanaut pin for Webelos. Iain is very excited at the prospect of going swimming tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Too Easy?

Since I had too many thing going on yesterday, I didn't make it to the gym. I knew that in advance though.

Last winter, I started to do the Walk Away the Pounds series of exercise DVDs. It is a fairly easy to follow routine yet still provided some major sweat value.

Since I was not able to go to the gym, I got out the DVDs. Either they are not nearly as hard as I remember them being or taking Step Aerobics has made me actually be in better shape in just a few classes.

I did the 2 mile tape and I barely broke a sweat. I sweat in 40 minutes about what I do in the first 5 minutes of Step class. Now, I feel it in my legs, there are a lot more leg work but I still didn't really even feel winded. What a switch from when I first started those DVDs and wanted to collapse as soon as they were done.

I think the next time I can't make it to the gym, I will try the 3 mile tape. I need to find the strechy band, I did it without and while I felt my arms got some work, I know the band works it better.

Tomorrow I am planning to do weights and then I have an insane evening with parent/teacher conferences and Cub Scout leader training.

Monday, October 18, 2004


After a break over the weekend while out camping, I went out this evening to a step class. While camping, I did go hiking and ended up carrying more than 30 lbs (Iain) on the way back.

While I still tend to get lost too easily and I don't attempt arm moves yet, I am getting better. I think I did a lot better. I also stayed for the ball and mat stuff after class.

I am not feeling very secure on the ball still, the instructor said it will come with time. I did what I could and took breaks when I needed it. It was mainly working abs, which I definately need help with!

Tomorrow I won't be able to get in because of doctor appointments and scout activities in the evening. I do plan to get something in here at home though, if only a 1 mile WATP DVD.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

No Abs

Today proved to me one thing, something I already knew. I have no abs.

I met with Theresa, the trainer, this morning. After taking my measurements and weight (EEK!), we outlined what I wanted to accomplish, how many times I could realistically make it to the gym each week and what classes I was planning to take. In addition to the Step classes I have been taking, she wants me to add in some weight training.

She showed me several weight machines, how to set them to the correct weight/height and how to do the actual exercise. Once I got to the ab machine, I discovered that I have none. Or I should say, they are there...they just protest if I ask them to work. The machines are not difficult but I know I will feel it when I do them. Naturally, she also told me about drinking plenty of water and eating better.

After the kids got home from school, we headed back to the gym. Glori and I went to the 5:30 step class being taught by a lady named Harris. So far, I have taken 3 classes with 3 different instructors. Christy, yesterday, was very easy to follow. Harris is even easier to follow and doesn't do as many combination moves. Susan, the first instructor I went to, is like the energizer bunny on crack. She whips your butt. It is interesting how they all differ but I feel like I get a decent work out with all of them.

I did a lot better tonight, even Christy said she could see a difference. I got lost and out of step any time I tried to think about what I was doing. One of my biggest problems is I try to lead with my left foot always. It comes from having been in the military where you always, always, always lead with the left. I just need to retrain my brain and feet.

At the end of class, we used the big beach ball thing. That really drove home to me that I have no abs. It is also hard to get used to since I feel like I am going to slide off right onto my rear any second. I didn't do all the stuff but I did what I could. I know it will get easier.

Tomorrow is a gym free day and will be until Monday. Our Cub Scout Pack is camping out this weekend so I won't have the opportunity to go in. See you all on Monday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Some is better than none

I had high hopes of making it to an evening class tonight since I went grocery shopping this morning. Why shopping over the gym in the morning, you may ask? In the mornings, my 3 year old goes to pre-school. He gets home at noon. I try to do any errands in the morning so I only have to bring the 18 month old along. If I wait for him to get home from school, it is then lunch time and the two small ones take a nap. Once they are up from naps, the older kids are getting home from school. At that point, any errands I need to go do includes dragging 6 kids along.

After looking at the times involved, I decided it was not worth breaking my neck to try and get homework done, dinner cooked and eaten and then rush to the gym. I don't like being rushed and the kids get cranky when I rush them too much. Instead, I went over to a friends neighborhood and we sold Cub Scout Popcorn, walking the route and pushing a double stroller. So, not the ideal exercise, probably not very strenuous but still exercise of a sort. My title today says it all.

Up tomorrow: Meeting the trainer to get my exercise road map clarified and implemented.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Step For Dummies

Glori and I went to Step For Dummies (Intro to Step) this morning. Kierynn went into the nursery while we were doing this, with Kerry, who is an old pro.

Christy, the instuctor, broke the basic steps down for me. When I was being dense and not getting something, she would break it down even more. I do fine as long as I watch her feet but I can't even begin to add in arm movements yet. Let's not even discuss what happens if traveling is involved. After about 30 minutes, I felt I had most of the basic steps down....with no music and at a fairly slow pace. She did recommend that I move to the front of the class so I had a clear view of her. She also said to watch ONLY her and she pointed out one other lady I could watch in an emergency if I got lost.

Class today was MUCH easier. Amazing how a little thing like knowing the steps involved really helps. This instuctor was also not quite as peppy and clearly let us know before she changed moves on us.

Against my wishes, I also moved up to the front of the class. Ick! Those mirrors! She was right though, after a few minutes, I didn't even see the others in the class, only her. She was very helpful because there were times I knew she was talking to me as she was explaining what she was doing. I think I kept up about 80% of the time today, as opposed to less than 50% yesterday.

Looks like tomorrow will be an evening class since I need to go grocery shopping. See you tomorrow!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Will the third time be the charm?

I am trying this yet again. I am hoping that it will WORK and that I can find a reasonable exercise program and stick with it. I have fallen by the wayside in a bad way and all the positive good I gained back in March fell with me.

Today I put a halt to my life of taking it easy. My friend (Here! In person! We rode in the same car!) and I went to our local atheletic club. She joined 6 weeks ago and I joined today.

Today I took a step class...which showed me how totally uncoordinated I truly am. I did my best, marched in place or grapevined when I got too lost. I stayed the entire time although I swear everyone else in the class was laughing at me. I know that is not the case but I felt very self conscience...more so because ANYONE can walk by and look in....being treated to the side of the wide load that is me from the rear.

Tomorrow I am taking Step for Dummies (Intro to Step) and then Step I after that. Hopefully it will be better.