Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Inching Down

I keep telling myself that I should be happy with a loss, no matter how insignificant, since I am truly not putting in the effort I should.

Yeah, we have been through this before but why is it that when I face a lull, it is that much harder to pick back up again? I KNOW I need to, I KNOW I should, I KNOW I will feel better if I start running again yet it seems to be harder each time I face it. Ugh. Remember that easy button we talked about awhile back? I really, really want it.

My darling husband is home and far from making things easier for me, in some respects it is harder. Harder because he wants to go out to dinner. It is hard to stay focused on where I need to be when I have an entire menu of temptation in front of me. Who wants to order grilled chicken, broccoli and a plain salad when there is steak, cheese fries and creamy broccoli cheese soup to be had? It is much easier to control things when I am the one making the meal and can know for sure what I am eating. Sure, I would much prefer a hefty cut of steak, some cheese fries and some creamy soup but a large salad, some grilled chicken and steamed broccoli fills me up just the same.

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, he does not try to shoot my efforts down. He is incredibly supportive and will come out walking with me, him carrying the baby. He is willing for me to go take time to go to the gym to work out. I just don't think he truly realizes the problem I have with food because he doesn't have the same problem. He can eat pretty much anything because it is not work for him to go work out for 45 minutes on the elleptical trainer (is that even spelled right?), he runs half marathons and he runs 3 miles in less time than I can run 2 miles.

Ah well, that is my rant as it is. Look over there and you will see a slight dip. Must go run more, must go work out more, must hide leftover Christmas candy. Speaking of which, why does everyone think I need BAGS of candy as a Christmas gift?? And now we have Girl Scout cookies....Do you see the QWERTY on my forehead from my head banging against the keyboard?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I could list a whole lot of things that have kept me from updating but like my lack of running, they are just excuses. Weather, activities, colds and everything else are just excuses that I use to justify not doing it. Heck, if I can find time to do what I want despite all those things, I could have gone out and ran.

Tonight I went out for a run, first time in over a month so I was not expecting great results. I actually ran my 2.1 miles FASTER than my last run. Granted, it was only about 10 seconds faster but it was still faster. I was telling myself before the run that as long as it was under 40 minutes, I would still feel okay. It was under 30 minutes.

As you all know, Monday is my weigh in day as well. I thought I had posted last week but I didn't. I was down to 215, a loss last week of .2 lbs. Today I was down to 214.2!!! I have been kinda holding steady, with itty bitty losses lately so now that I am back running, I will see some better weight drop.

I am on my laptop right now so I can't update my fat-o-meter right now. It will show my loss tomorrow.