Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Melting....

You would think coming from Tennessee, land of heat and humidity, that running here in the heat and humidity would be easier. The temperatures are less, the humidity is less so why does it feel so much harder to run in it? Much as I dislike the prospect, I think after summer school is over, I am going to have to get up in the wee hours to get my milage in. likes me sleep!

I mentioned that some ladies from my WTP are continuing to meet on Monday evenings. Last week, three of us were there and decided that we were going to train, as a group, for the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon but in 2008. The three of us there have all done at least 10 mile races so this is a nice goal to look forward to.

As life has a way of doing so, I was not able to go out with the RR this past weekend. I had to pick up one of the kids by 9 am so there was no way to make a 5 mile run at 8 am and still get there by 9 am to pick her up. Bummer.

This week, there were four of us that met to run. Two of them are speedy bunnies, one is speedier than I am but stays with me and of course, there is me. I am still plodding along. I like running with others since it actually forces me to run faster than I would. When I am by myself, I tend to go along and not really push myself like I should.

After letting Jess, the lady who was not there last week, about our Rock N Roll plans, we decided to up the ante a little bit more and also go for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April. This will be after my Disney runs so I should be good to go.

It is great finding people who will run with me!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Chugging Along

Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I posted. I am still running, still struggling to find the motivation to run.

I am meeting a few ladies on Monday evenings still and running with them. It turns out that one of the ladies lives about 2 blocks from me. We are both fond of running a trail near here so we are going to set up some time to run it.

Reston Runners are meeting near me this weekend as well. It is a five mile run. I have to be in Fairfax Station by 11 am so having the run near me will make it possible for me to go. Since it is right here, I don't have to worry about driving time and can make it back home to clean up before I have to dash out to Fairfax Station.

The weather was really nice tonight for our run, we did an easy 3 miles. We also, as a group, decided to run the Virginia Beach Half in 2008. Woo hoo!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Trail Half

Woo hoo! I got in! I got in! There is a trail Half Marathon locally coming up that I wanted to run it. There is a cap of 250 runners, there is no online registrations and it closes quickly. I waited until the registration was up, printed it out and rushed it to the post office. I sweated, hoping that I got in and was thrilled when I saw that I was listed on the list of entrants. There is a practice run on August 18th that I am hoping to make it to as well.

This week was the last week of the Women's Training Program. It ended with the Woman's Distance Festival 5K run. I entered it and Kaitlyn also wanted to run so I entered her.

We picked up our packets from the YMCA on Saturday. We got some good stuff in the packets too. Kaity got a pink and black preshrunk fitted cotten running shirt with the WDF logo on it. I don't really care for fitted shirts so I opted for a lime green loose t-shirt with the logo. We also got a beach ball and a beach tote with the logo on it. There was a pedometer and software too, as well as the assorted fliers and coupons (including one for 1 week free at the YMCA) I think the best thing in the packet had to be the hot pink socks from The Sock Guy. It has WDF, 2007 and says Hottie on the cuff. I appropriated Kaity's pair since they are too big for her.

Saturday had really gorgeous weather but it was pretty humid. The course was decorated with pink flamingos, signs and men in hula skirts with coconut bras. We ran part of the course out on the W&OD so had to content with other runners and bikers who were not part of the race. The race officials did very well with keeping the non racers off the course and out of our way.

I knew I had not put in the miles so was not expecting a PR but I did PR! I had my slowest 5K ever LOL Kaity came in a few minutes after me. We didn't win any door prizes but we had fun.

A few other ladies who took part in WTP plan to continue to meet so we will be running on Mondays still. This will work into the training plan that I am going to follow to train for the trail Half.

I am actually looking forward to getting in more miles once again.