Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching Up

The Great Pumpkin 5K was on October 9th. Kaity, Nicholas, Greg and I all ran it.

I had a goal time in mind and was actually 7 minutes under it. I am not going to post my finishing time because, frankly, it is rather embarassing. It shows me how much I have let my running slide but I am trying to get back up to what I would consider to be an acceptable pace for me. Nicholas, who never runs, finished in about 25 minutes. What a stinker!

Things with WW continue to go well. I am six weeks into the program and am down almost 18lbs! I have not taken measurements but will next time I get my hair cut. I decided to take pictures when I get my haircut. I had thought about every 10 lbs but I will never remember to do it. I get my haircut every 6 weeks though and that will be an easy way for me to remember. Am I going to post the pictures here? Unlikely but perhaps.

I did notice that my capri yoga pants are falling off my waist. When I put them on to go to the bus, I was very irritated at having to hike them up every few steps and then I realized "Hey, I have to hike these back up every few steps!" It is a good thing.

I hurt my ankle walking down the wet hill to the mailbox yesterday. I just slipped in the grass, klutz. So it is not really sprained but it is sore and a bit swollen. I can walk alright but I don't want to try running on it until Satruday at the earliest

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Since it is Tuesday, I had a weigh in today. I didn't post last week but I did lose last week as well. As of today, I am down another 3.2 lbs, putting me at 5% of my starting weight lost! Woo hoo!

I have to say, I really thought I would not like Weight Watchers much. I was sure that I was going to be limited in what I could eat and because of that, I would feel unsatisfied and hungry.

This week, I had a Chipotle Burrito Bowl...with guacamole and still lost over 3 lbs. Weight Watchers really is not a diet, it truly is about totally changing your eating habits and how you look at food.

The other night, Greg and I went out running. I had my podcast turned down low enough that I could converse with him but still hear the I thought. I kept waiting to hear "You are half way" when I suddenly heard "Cool down" Whoops! I let it cycle down and just ended up doing 2 reps of that specific work out.

Since it was raining yesterday and I hate starting a run in the rain, I decided to get up on the hated treadmill. I went through my workout and finally looked at the display. It was nearly a mile less than what I do outside in the same amount of did that happen?

Greg, Kaitlyn and I are signed up for a 5K this saturday,my first 5K in over a year. We will see how it goes.