Friday, April 08, 2011

Fish and More
I guess it is not really a surprise that I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon yet again, is it?

Things are going well on the WW front. There has been some bumps along the way and my loss has slowed but I am still down over 25 lbs since September so that is not bad at all.

I just need to be really diligent in tracking, that is the key to keep me losing. When I don't track, I am much more likely to make poor choices. Well, not necessarily poor choices but choices that may not have been the best choice possible.

I have been eating more fish. I am not a seafood fan so this is a big leap for me. Tonight was another leap for me, as far as seafood goes. I have been eating only fresh fish but tonight, I tried some "previously frozen" turbo fillets. I didn't know it had been frozen or I would have chosen a different fish. As it was, I did like it. Greg had asked me to get cod and I decided to try turbo instead. I just didn't tell him it was cod and he was fine with it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching Up

The Great Pumpkin 5K was on October 9th. Kaity, Nicholas, Greg and I all ran it.

I had a goal time in mind and was actually 7 minutes under it. I am not going to post my finishing time because, frankly, it is rather embarassing. It shows me how much I have let my running slide but I am trying to get back up to what I would consider to be an acceptable pace for me. Nicholas, who never runs, finished in about 25 minutes. What a stinker!

Things with WW continue to go well. I am six weeks into the program and am down almost 18lbs! I have not taken measurements but will next time I get my hair cut. I decided to take pictures when I get my haircut. I had thought about every 10 lbs but I will never remember to do it. I get my haircut every 6 weeks though and that will be an easy way for me to remember. Am I going to post the pictures here? Unlikely but perhaps.

I did notice that my capri yoga pants are falling off my waist. When I put them on to go to the bus, I was very irritated at having to hike them up every few steps and then I realized "Hey, I have to hike these back up every few steps!" It is a good thing.

I hurt my ankle walking down the wet hill to the mailbox yesterday. I just slipped in the grass, klutz. So it is not really sprained but it is sore and a bit swollen. I can walk alright but I don't want to try running on it until Satruday at the earliest

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Since it is Tuesday, I had a weigh in today. I didn't post last week but I did lose last week as well. As of today, I am down another 3.2 lbs, putting me at 5% of my starting weight lost! Woo hoo!

I have to say, I really thought I would not like Weight Watchers much. I was sure that I was going to be limited in what I could eat and because of that, I would feel unsatisfied and hungry.

This week, I had a Chipotle Burrito Bowl...with guacamole and still lost over 3 lbs. Weight Watchers really is not a diet, it truly is about totally changing your eating habits and how you look at food.

The other night, Greg and I went out running. I had my podcast turned down low enough that I could converse with him but still hear the I thought. I kept waiting to hear "You are half way" when I suddenly heard "Cool down" Whoops! I let it cycle down and just ended up doing 2 reps of that specific work out.

Since it was raining yesterday and I hate starting a run in the rain, I decided to get up on the hated treadmill. I went through my workout and finally looked at the display. It was nearly a mile less than what I do outside in the same amount of did that happen?

Greg, Kaitlyn and I are signed up for a 5K this saturday,my first 5K in over a year. We will see how it goes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Woo hoo! I was down almost 9 lbs at my first weigh in today. I know I won't continue to lose that much each week but it was pretty darn awesome to see.

I will be so glad when my mouth is healed. I had to get a root canal and then a crown fitted. While I was numb, I bit my cheek....which was then further irritated by shots to numb it for additional work. So I have a very swollen mouth, a bruise on the roof of my mouth and even a prescription rinse only helps for so long.

I decided to take a page from Andrea's book, as it were, and get pictures taken of me every 10 lbs. The first one, that started this entire thing, will never, ever be posted. I may or may not post the others.

Yay FreeAgents! They have a page on Facebook. I really need to stop into RWOL more often but when I know I am not running like I should, it is a bit hard to be enthusiastic about posting crummy milage.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wake Up Call

Once again, I have let my blogging fall to the side while I do other things.

I knew I was overweight (seriously, how could I not with a blog titled what it is) but always kinda kidded myself that I “carried my weight well”, I was “tall so I could weigh more anyway”. I was shocked, horrified and embarrassed when I saw a picture of myself that my son had taken at the beach. No swimsuit picture is flattering but this showed me from the side and soaking wet. Ouch. What an (unpleasant) eye opener. Much as I despise that picture and would love to just delete it off the camera, I am actually going to print it and put it in my journal to remind myself exactly WHY (one of many reasons) I decided to join WW.

Tuesday was my first meeting and I am on day 3 of the program. So far, it is going well. I am not eating my full range of points but only because if I eat any more, I will explode! I am sure as my points shrink, I am going to be looking at how they managed to go by so quickly.

Last night I actually ate a bell pepper with hummus. This may not sound like a big deal but - I don't normally eat bell peppers and I have never liked hummus (I don't like peas) I tried an orange bell pepper since they are supposed to be more sweet and the hummus I got was pretty good. Greg said it was not the best hummus he has ever tasted but until my tastebuds expand some, it is working for me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Something New!

I decided that this blog was looking tired and needed a facelift. I am not sure how I like this but it will do for now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plodding Along

After months of nothing but lackluster running, I decided to kick myself in the butt and start running more again.

The past week, I finished out a 5 day running week with double digit milage. It sounds much more impressive than it actually is given that my weekly milage is less than some of my previous single runs. Bleh.

Still, I know the only way to get back there or close to where I was is to actually get out there and work at it. To that end, I ran 5 days last week and started out this week with a longer, slow run.

Nope, not gonna get milage or split times from me yet. I am too embarassed to actually post how slow I have become and how pitiful my milage is. Yes, any milage is better than none but I am allowed to call it pitiful.

My goals for this week is to run 4 more times and gradually increase both distance and pace.