Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back of the Pack

It is interesting. I have said before that although my pace group for the women's training group is supposed to be 11:00 - 16:00 minutes per mile. I am generally at the back of the pack and I have been running just over a 12:20 mile. This means that it is a darn fast pace group.

As the weeks have passed, I have sped up a wee bit but several in the group have slowed down and are now running in the back with me. One lady, her name is Sue, thanked me for being a steady pace during the runs. So I have gained not only running buddies in the back of the pack, the coaches are also letting others know that I set a steady pace if they want to run back with me.

I signed Kaitlyn, my 10 year old, to run the 5K with me. They are going to have some serious goody bags for everyone running. I got her a skort today so she can run in a skort as well. We got a blue tech shirt as part of the WTP and they asked us to wear that for the race.

The Trail Half I would like to run opens up for registration in a few weeks so I have printed out a Half training program. Next week is when I will start that up and ramp up my milage once more.