Thursday, April 27, 2006


In addition to mowing the front yard...not an easy task....I went out to Rossview and did 3.75 miles with Candi.

The weather was nice and cool and we did our run at a comfortable pace. We ran it in 46:10.

Next run, we are going up to 4 miles!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Working Towards 10K

I have continued to work towards the Wilma Rudolph 10K in June. We are up to 4 mile runs. Tonight we ran 3.5 miles in 42:44.

This is a fairly easy pace, we can converse while we run but what I like is that I don't feel whipped at the end. It is just over a 12 minute mile. In an actual race, I would be going faster but for training runs, this is great.

Today being Monday, I weighed in. I am down but it is slow going. My husband says I look a lot better and thought I had lost a bunch of weight (I wish!) I know I should ignore the scale and go off of how I feel and look but geeze, I want to see a jump in the scale!

Thursday I am set to run 3.75 miles. That should be fun pushing two kids but I am determined to do it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Purity's Moosic City Dairy Dash 5K Run

I had to be up and moving by 5:45 am this morning so Rhys kindly woke up at 5:15 am instead. ::::sigh::::

I met my group at the Wal-Mart parking and we went down to Nashville. The race was being held at MetroCenter so it was pretty easy to find.

We picked up our registration packet, complete with a pretty blue shirt, and then got our chips. I learned from last week and made sure that I used two ties to secure the chip to my shoe. I also double tied my shoes.

The course today was a nice, flat course and it was a beautiful day out. We started about 8:20 am and it was pretty hot when you were in the sun. The course went through an industrial area so there were a lot of trees lining the path...I made for the shade.

My pace was a little slower than last week. My chip time was 37:21 which made my pace 12:03. I placed 21st in my age group, 263rd for women and 555th overall. I was pretty pleased with the race.

Since all of us had finished except one, we headed back out on the course and met her about half a mile from the finish line. We stayed with her until right before the finish line. We cheered her in as she crossed the line.

After the race, we got some free stuff from Outback and waited for the awards ceremony. One of my running group, Yvonne, placed second in her age group (55-59). She wasn't going to get her medal but we told her she had to.

There was a photographer there and so Monday I will see if any pictures of me were taken. I think they got everyone crossing this finish line since I saw several photographers there when I cross.

My next group run will be on Tuesday when we will be doing 3.25 miles to prepare for the Wilma Rudolph Memorial 10K run in June.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I did it!

Even though I have neglected to check in for quite some time, I have not faltered in my program.

I continued doing my three times a week run with my group preparing for a 5K race on April 9th.

Wowie, it was a lot warmer on the 9th than it has been. It wasn't the temperature so much as the fact it was a beautiful, clear day with the sun beating down.

Race time was at 1 pm and I needed to get my chip before 12:50. I missed our last run so I was not sure where my group was, which was not good because I wanted to be with my pace buddies. I found them and got my chip and Kaity's chip. Nicholas opted out of the 5K at the last minute. After I put the chip on and walked 2 steps, it snapped off so I had a mild panic trying to get back to the registration table to get more zip ties to get it on my shoe so it wouldn't flop around.

Since I am far from a fast runner, I lined up near the back with the strollers. Greg was at the first corner to get pictures and after looking, I look near death just as much at the beginning of the run as I do at the end.

Right after the first hill, the unthinkable happened, my shoe became untied! Now, never during training was this ever a problem...I never had it come undone. You betcha I double tied then.

I am not sure if it was the heat or what but I felt totally whipped today. I actually walked a few minutes during the course, I have not walked during a run for weeks.

My times were:

  • 1 mile 11:18
  • 2 miles 23:40
  • 3.1 miles 37:12 I am not displeased with it but since I know I could do better, I was a bit disappointed in myself.

In the week since the run, I have continued my three times a week run and have actually improved my time. I did a 5K on Thursday and I ran it in 36:20! That is the fastest I have run it.

Since apparently we are gluttons for punishment, a group of us are running a 5K in Nashville tomorrow morning. We have plans to run a 10K in June, we are currently starting to increase our weekly runs to accomodate the increased milage.

I will post my race results tomorrow.