Thursday, March 23, 2006


While I have been slack in keeping up here, I have not been slack on the exercise front.

I have been meeting with my group three times a week. Tonight we ran 2.25 miles, I finished in 28:10 which puts me under a 13:00 minute mile!

We met down at APSU on Sunday and had planned to run 2 miles. The plan was to run on the actual 5K course, go out one mile and then turn around and go back again. Before we started, several of us talked about it and decided to try running the entire 3.1 miles.

We got the okay from the trainer so we set off. We finished the entire 3.1 miles in just under 39 minutes, which was just about a 13:00 minute mile. We were very pleased with our efforts.

I weighed in on Monday, I was at 212.2 lbs so I really need to change the fat-o-meter over there!

Less than 3 weeks to race day...eeek!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Time just has a way of slipping past so quickly. I have good intentions of blogging and then get distracted. By the time I get around to doing it, weeks passed.

I have actually not sat idle the last few weeks. I have been faithfully going to the gym on Monday and Wednesday while doing group runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Our group has now started running in 1/2 mile legs. I feel pretty darn good that I can make that without stopping. I know I was running better than 2 miles at a shot but I think I am running maybe a wee bit faster in this method.

This week, tomorrow, we are meeting at a house so that we can be introduced to hills. Heh, come run in my neighborhood...that is all there is.

I have to brag on my 9 year old daughter. She normally runs in the mile fun run in the race, all my kids do. This is a major event that the schools promote. She said that she wanted to run the 5K. She didn't realize it was 3.1 miles so my husband took her out to show her. He let her lead the pace after telling her where to turn. That little gazelle made it in under 30 minutes! Running

My 10 year old wanted to try it but didn't quite make it. He has been in remission for leukemia for nearly 3 years but he still doesn't have the stamina of a regular 10 year old. I think he will just do the mile fun run.

Yes, it is Monday and yes, I did weigh myself. I am now down to 213.8 It is a loss of .6 lbs and I can *FINALLY* move the red in the fat-o-meter!