Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not Enough Hours

Between trying to get a house ready to sell and moving out of said house into a new house, my running has suffered. Add into that, no spouse on hand to help out... Pass the cheese to go with my whine please.

I admit it, I have slacked off in the past 10 days because I put other things in front of my running. I still feel I am in a good spot though and I should have a few days where I can get in some milage prior to the move. Once we make the move, I should be able to get back into my groove as well.

I did join my local running club via the internet. If I can really get motivated after driving +700 miles, I will meet them next weekend for a 5 mile run. We will see how things go with everything before I make a firm commitment.

So, in looking at my own merged Hal schedule, I have missed some longish runs, not major milage but some build up. I may drop back and go with more of the novice program until I can get settled in the new place and back in running mode.

It just sucks when I really do want to get my milage in and things just stack up and prevent it. I am a firm believer in being selfish sometimes and putting myself first but at this time, I just can't justify taking 2 hours to go run (yeah, for 8-9 miles, it would take me over 90 minutes). I look at everything that still needs to be done.

It will be easier once the move is made since husband will be on hand to help out in getting things set to right. In looking around, my neighborhood is a nice running area and the myriad of trails/routes around me are fantastic.

I want to wish my BF buddy, Vic good luck tomorrow as he runs his marathon debut in Houston. If you have never gone over to his blog, do it. I mean it. Now. Why are you still here? Vic is a total inspiration and is da man. He also has blue eyes to die for. What a hunk He is so going to rock that marathon!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Getting to Know Hal

<----Oh, before I start, did you see the nifty workout tracker thingy I put over there? I saw that on another blog and thought it was way cool. You can change the colors to match your blog too.

Hal? Who is Hal? Why, it is Hal Higdon of course! As I mentioned in my very brief New Years Day Post, I decided to meld his Novice and his Intermediate I marathon training program.

I am doing all the miles for Intermediate but at a Novice speedwork. I can hear many of you already But Denise, you NEED to do hills. The Flying Pig is a hilly course! Right you are but I currently live in a very hilly area. In driving around my new neighborhood, we seemed to have picked a hilly one as well. I don't think I have to worry about much about hills but never fear, I will get some hill work in before May.

Yesterday was not only my first run of 2007, it was also my first run following Hals plan. It was a really good run. I tried out my Saucony Hurricane's for the first time. Sweeet! They are really comfortable and I think I am really going to enjoy them.

Today, I had 5 mile up and wouldn't you know it, my Garmin fritzed out on me less than half a mile into the run. I am pretty sure that I left it turned on last night after I downloaded my info. No big deal, I kept running and took a stab at my time by looking at the clock when I got back.

My normal 5 mile route is actually just shy of 5 miles. Tonight, I decided to lap the parking lot at the school I run around and that put me just over 5 miles...yay!

Tomorrow I have an easy 3 miles on the schedule. I will be much happier when my husband gets to run with me again. Currently, my 9 year old rides along on her bike or runs with me. I just have to really make an effort to go out and run early since she has to go to school in the morning.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Wow, 2006 was quite a year for me. There were so many twists and turns through the year, most I never saw coming or ever expected to take place.

Of course, one of the major ones is that I not only started running consistantly, I have stuck with it. It all began back in February when I joined a local couch to 5K group to train for a 5K race in April. A few of us in that group continued to run together and ran in several more races.

In June, I hooked up with a Half Marathon training group and began to train for the St Jude's Half Marathon. In about July or maybe August, I peeked back in at the Runner's World Forums, which I had actually joined several months before.

Between the encouragement I got online through the Beginners Forum, my Half group and of course, my family, I ran St Jude's and did very well.

Shortly after St Jude's, another big change was in the air since we are making a move to Northern Virginia. We have spent the last week there looking for a house. We have found it and expect to move there in the next three weeks.

So, what are my stats for the year?

Total miles run: 585.34 miles
Longest run: 13.1 miles
Average miles per week: 20 miles
Fastest race pace: 10:22
Total money earned: $47.50 (I put a quarter in a piggy bank each time I run)

Now, I have my goals set on training for a full marathon. I asked a few weeks back about various marathon programs and have decided to go with a blend of Hal Higdon's Novice and Intermediate I program for now. That may still change.

So, since it is 2007, I must have some goals, right? Well, of course I do!

Total miles to run in 2007: 1000
Longest run: 26.2
Average miles per week: 25
Fastest race pace: TBD

I am sure that I will modify these and add to them but for now, I have something in mind.