Friday, May 02, 2008

Good Grief!

I knew I had fallen miserably off the blogging wagon but I didn't realize I fell quite so hard.

I could give a whole list of excuses for not blogging, for not running as much as I should, for not doing a lot of things but they are just excuses. Boring, not of interest to anyone but enough to suck the will to do a lot of things right out of me.

I signed up for the Women's Training Program being offered through the Reston Runners. I went through it last year in the hopes of motivating me and I think I just relied too heavily on it. For me to get back into the running habit, I am going to have to dig into me and not look for an external source to boost me up.

Greg got a new bike (who knows why? His other bike is fine but now he can get home a whopping 5 minutes sooner but who I am to say anything since I have a slew of ponies around) so his "old" bike is now mine to use. I am really going to buckle down and alternate riding and running. I am not looking forward to how my rear is going to fell when I first start riding.

So my long distance plan is to train with the WTP and run the 5K at the end of June. We will see how things go from that point on.