Monday, December 26, 2005


Okay, so it is not a huge sum but it is still a loss. I lost .4 lbs this week. That is pretty incredible considering that I made less than stellar choices this week.

I am still fighting off a cold/flu/yuck thing so I am sure that contributes to it. Everything is so messed up right now, between the crummy weather, the kids being home, trying to do a billion things and not getting out. I am getting cabin fever but I will go insane before I attempt to mall walk in bad weather with 7 kids in tow.

Can you hear me chanting here? Less than two weeks, less than two weeks.... Yay! The kids are back in school next week as well!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sick as a Dog

Yep, everyone here has been sicker than the proverbial dog...which probably accounts more for my loss this week than anything that I did.

I knew the holidays would prove to difficult, exercise wise. I should know this because last year at this same time is when I fell from the step class wagon. Of course, then I had the excuse of being pregnant which gave me an out to continue to not exercise. I don't have that luxury this year and really, if I did, I would not be using it.

Having the kidlets underfoot and on hand (not in school) makes it almost impossible to get out. I could do my DVDs but then I have to wait until they are in bed, when I want to go to bed too. Yep, excuses right? They are excuses. Let's be real, I have not exercised because it moved to the lower end of my priority list right now and I have not forced the time to do it.

Soo....Miss.....what do I need to do to get this ball back on track? Not to worry, I am still committed to this, I really am. I just am not going to add to my already heavy stress load but getting in a funk about not getting my run in.

Two weeks, I keep telling myself that things will be better in two weeks. Why two weeks? That is when my better half, my dear husband, should be returning home. Once that happens, I don't have such a load on just me any longer and I can put myself first again without having to feel guilty about the things that I should be doing.

So, this week I was down 1.8 lbs. Woo hooo! It has probably been at least 2 years since I was down this low. <----- Look at the fat-o-meter over there! Slowly but surely it is going down. If you read along or you just coasted in, please comment and let me know how you cope with trying to do all the holiday fiddle faddle and get your you time in. I just realized I never updated last week...eeek! I was down .4 lbs, which put me right back where I was a few weeks ago since I had that gain.

Monday, December 05, 2005

In A Slump

I guess you could call it a slump, a mood, a funk...any way you look at it, I have not felt motivated to do much for the past week.

Today was my weight in and my slump is reflected in a .4 lb gain. Well, not really, it is water weight but it is still a gain. My funk was not helped today by the bitter cold temperatures and the fact that I spent the entire day going from one errand to another with nary a break in site. I finally made it home for the evening right before 9 pm. By that point, all I wanted to do was sit down and do nothing for a few.

Okay, my whine is done, pass the cheese. I am truly not into pity parties but occasionally I do feel the urge to whine for a few. This takes care of things for quite a bit so from now on, I just have to slap myself silly if I get in a funky mood.

Tomorrow: Despite the bitter cold temps, I *will* get some exercise in!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Monday, Monday

That about sums up the day, doesn't it? It was indeed Monday and we all know that means weigh in time again. There was no change in my weight when I weighed myself this morning. When I checked it again a short time ago, I was down 4 oz but I am leaving the fat-o-meter alone. Seeing as I really didn't attempt to follow any kind of a plan since Thanksgiving, I am actually pretty pleased at no gain at all.

We have had cruddy weather, including a downpour today that got me soaking wet trying to get from a store to my van while shielding 2 kids. They stayed nice and dry, I was dripping despite a huge umbrella. Incidently, it was coming out of the mall where this happened. I have to go to the mall office to register as a walker, get my permission card and then I will be set to walk indoors on really bad or cold mornings. The weather did clear out enought that I was able to go out for my run this evening.

I think taking a few days off helped because I felt more refreshed during the run and felt like I was running strongly. I did drop to a walk on a few hills when I felt my run was slowing to the point that I would be faster walking. I would say in a +30 minute run, I walked for less than 2 minutes total. There is nothing wrong with walking since it gives me a needed break to keep going.

Tomorrow is a Nashville trip and then a Girl Scout Cookie meeting so I won't get in my morning walk but plan to make my run.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went out for my run on Wednesday night but didn't go out last night. My time on Wednesday was 28:58:36 but I did go a little shorter. Apparently the kids of mine that come along on my nightly run are not appreciative of me adding milage. They are on bikes and scooters, they are not running so I am not sure why they are griping. When we near the end of the run and they see me cross the street, indicating we are taking the "long" way back, there is a collective groan. Now, the "long" way is .5 miles back to the house as opposed to .2 miles back to the house. It truly is not a significant change but enough that they feel much maligned.

Wednesday my purse was stolen by some jerk so I spent the day replacing my drivers license, my military ID and getting the few ATM cards I carry cancelled. There was no cash in my purse, maybe $10, but the scumbag did get my Darth Vader Lego pen...waaah!

Today I did brave the stores to pick up a few items, which I will actually bring home on Monday. They were just tossed in layaway today to hold them until I am kid free. I didn't get out for a run but did do a 3 mile DVD.

My knees are feeling this running. They don't hurt, they just quietly let me know that they are not fond of this running. Once I start running, I feel fine. Every night when I go out running, I think on the way out that I am whipped and will just cut it short, taking the "short" way back home. When I reach that intersection, it seems silly to take the "short" way since it is not much further to go the route I had planned.

I am going to continue my current route for a few weeks, at least until mid December, before I change it again. Hopefully I will have a husband back home some time soon so I can actually go run in the afternoons when he gets home from work rather than after kids are in bed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It was a clear, cold but beautiful night for running this evening. It was amazing how clear it was and how bright the numerous stars were. I always look for Orion's Belt, mainly because I can identify it, and lately I have been able to see it a lot.

I changed my route today. Not only am I going 2.7 miles now, I also can avoid that bugger of a hill! It was really incredible to me how much better I felt NOT going up that hill, even at a walk. Usually on the downside of my run, when I am less than a mile from being done, I am whipped. Tonight, I still felt pretty amazing.

I have noticed that it used to feel like every minute was more like 10 minutes. Now, when I am running, I am surprised at how quickly it goes. My run this evening was 33:18:40 Just a few weeks ago, I would have sworn that the same route would take at least an hour. I am going to stick to this route for a week or so before I add to it again.

Tonight's run was very pleasing for me. I felt like I got a good work out but I wasn't totally whipped at the end. I can also now talk to my daughter when I am running rather than gasping for breath!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Down, Down!

Okay, I was referring to the fat-o-meter over there but techinically, the red goes up as the weight goes down. In any event, I was down .8 lbs from last week.

As always, I would have liked to have seen a larger drop but I have no one to blame but myself. I had a few days for bad choices and it is reflected in the lack of more loss.

I did 3 miles today. I had one child home sick from school so I could not go out for my morning walk. Since he is running a fever, I just did my DVDs. Tomorrow is shaping up to be even worse, timewise. Ugh! Let's not even talk about the rest of the week when ALL the kids are home from school for a break.

Tomorrow I do plan to get a run in sometime, just not sure when that will be.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


The weekend so far has just been crazy! I did get out this evening for a run. What a difference in temperature too. It was in the high 40's, which felt downright balmy after the low 20's the other day.

I only missed two runs but it felt much longer. I actually felt ready to get out and run. I was looking forward to it. Isn't that just sick?

I did my 2.1 miles in 31:08:94 I actually only ran for 28 of those minutes. I htink next week I am going to up my milage again. Geeze, I wish I lived in a flat area about now.

I noticed on my run this evening that inclines that used to leave me gasping and walking up, I breezed up them. I am still struggling on the monster big hill though. I am determined to make it all the way running at a decent pace up that hill one of these days.

Tomorrow is my day off so I am off until Monday.

After the foul weather on Tuesday, we have dropped down into blasted cold weather! When I went out for my morning walk yesterday, it was just below 30F. The baby stayed nice and toasty warm, the 2 year old didn't fare so well. She had on gloves, winter jacket, hat etc but she refused to let me put a blanket on her. It was no surprise that she complained of being cold near the end of the 2.1 miles.

Evening turned out to be crazy and I didn't get out for my evening run. Really, it was cold enough that I really didn't look forward to the prospect of such a cold run.

This morning, at 23F, I decided it was just too darn cold to take all three kids out into. The baby would have been in the sling and in order to keep HIM warm, I would have been sweltering from pushing the strolling and lugging him and his blankets.

One of my boys has a Webelo camp out this weekend so once again, I had to forego my evening run. I did do a 3 mile work out from my DVDs though so it was not a total failure. I am really hoping to get a walk in at some point tomorrow and a definate run in the evening.

What do you think of the glitter border? Too flashy? Okay?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A New Look

As you can clearly see, I have a new look. My pigs have been up for a few years so I thought I would take a break. My mother loved pandas and so I have pandas up.

It was pretty darn cold this morning, below 40F, when I went out this morning. I bundled up the kidlets good and then put a blanket across the front of the stroller to block the wind. My time was pretty darn good compared to yesterday so I am making progress.

My evening run was even colder, it was 31F! I warmed up after a few minutes and was glad I had not worn a jacket, just a long sleeved shirt. My time for 2.1 miles was 31:56:36 I would like to see that be faster but I just have to be patient. I am not known for being patient. :::sigh:::

While I was walking this morning, I found a quarter on the road. Now, I could just dismiss it as a quarter on the road but I am going to interpret it differently. I believe I made mention that I plunk a quarter into a piggy bank every time I run? I am taking this as a sign that I am doing the right thing and should continue to run. The quarter I found while out this morning was put into my piggy bank this evening.

I have had a few people leave me comments, thank you so much! I made this blog public so that people could leave comments. I appreciate those of you who take the time to read my ramblings.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It was a dark and stormy night

No, it is not the start of a bad novel. It really was a dark and stormy night here. We had tornadoes all around us, wind, rain, lights,noise.....I decided to stay inside this evening so no evening run for me.

I did go out for my morning walk with my kidlets. I did the 2.1 miles in just under 41 minutes. I did stop twice to talk to a few people. I found a gold charm bracelet last week and I am trying to track down the owner. It belongs to someone who has a 2 year old daughter named Bevin. What is bizarre is that on Halloween, this lady and Bevin were walking with us for a bit. I have no clue where she lives though. I ask everyone I come across who may know. I placed an ad in the paper but never got a response.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow for me to walk and get my evening run in.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Minty Fresh

First is Monday so we all know what that means. Weigh in! If you already snuck a peek over to the left, you will have noticed the fat-o-meter has more red in it, indicating a loss!! I am down 2.3 lbs from last week.

It was sprinkling this morning but I still did my 2 miles. The baby didn't seem to mind being misted on but I still covered him. I am ordering a weather shield to put on the stroller. I don't mind getting wet but the wee kidlets don't need to get wet.

Actually, I discovered today that my 2 miles is not actually 2 miles. I had clocked it in my previous van at 2 miles but when I checked today, it was only 1.8 miles! In any event, I added distance today and it IS 2.1 miles. After a 3 minute warm up walk (1 minute spent explaining to a child why they had to ride on the SIDE of the road rather than down the middle), I ran the 2.1 miles 31:54:21 I also ran "backwards" today. Where I normally turn, I went straight. It is the same route, just reversed. I am not sure which way is actually easier.

One thing I have found is that I feel better running if I brush my teeth before I go out. I don't know why it helps but it does. Weird, huh?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not A Fluke

It apparently isn't a fluke that yesterday I ran nearly 2 miles. Tonight, I did a brisk 2 minute warm up walk and ran the rest of the way!!

It is by no means easy. Let me tell you, it would be so easy to just take the easy road and walk but since I know I can do it, seems like a weeny thing to do.

The hills.....:::sigh:::: the hills just suck. I had 3 of my kids with me and even pushing a bike, one of them can keep up with my running up the hill by them walking.

Tomorrow is my rest day so I am taking a break but plan to be back out there Monday morning. I am going to add some distance too.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I did it!

I am so freaking proud of myself that it is not funny!!

I had been going half a mile before I walked during my nightly run/walk. I decided to see just how far I could go, my goal was to make it to the one mile mark. Once I got there, I decided to go to my next mark. Once I got to that mark, I thought it was not that far to the next one.

Before I knew it, I was back home! I ran for 25 minutes straight with no walking!!! This may not seem like a major deal but considering just a few weeks ago, I could barely run a minute before I had to stop, I am pretty impressed (if I do say so myself)

The hills in this neighborhood are going to be the death of me, though. I slowed to just above a snails pace going up a few of them but I didn't walk.


Thursday, November 10, 2005


Wow, time slips away when you are not looking. Each evening I have been meaning to get on and update but things seem to get in the way.

First up, I have not slacked off at all. I am still going strong but more on that later.

Second, I lost 2 pounds this week! Whee! My fat-o-meter over there has been changed since Monday even if I didn't get on here and post.

I have been going out twice a day for the past week. I walk 2 miles in the morning and then in the evening, I go out for my run/walk. We have had such extreme differences in the temperature in the evening too. One night when I went out for my evening run, it was 71F. This evening when I went out, it was a chilly 41F.

I can see a difference in my running now that I am going out in the evening sans kids. I am running more than walking during my 2 miles. I drove my route today and I can go half a mile before I walk for a minute or so. Once I get fairly comfortable running a mile, I will add more distance to my evening run.

I do have to say it is cool to be able to put a quarter in my bank every time I run. I almost didn't go out this evening but when the time came when I normally go, I just had to go do it.

I don't really enjoy running but I do feel better when I get out there and do it. My inital running distance is always the worse. It is when my lungs are burning and I watch for my marker to stop running. Once I reach it, I am feeling good enough to keep going. I was running this evening, thinking about something and before I knew it, I was on the horrible hill.

The horrible hill - I hate this hill. It is a nasty hill that is on my return route and is a long, steep one. I can make it up almost half way running. Even walking, it is difficult. I know in the long run, it will make me a better runner but I still feel the need to daily state, as I struggle up it, that I hate it.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Much Easier

Wow, what a difference in my run today! I was able to go out without the stroller and it is amazing what a change it is. I was not really faster without it but I was able to run easier and for longer stretches during my run.

Last year, I had gotten my husband a heart monitor to use when he goes out running. (He is a runner, he ran a half marathon last year and routinely runs several miles a day). I looked for it but could not find it. After talking to him on the phone, he has it with him. Well, drat. I wanted to try it out while I was running to see if I was actually running hard enough.

I have been getting in plenty of water and doing okay with my food. My food is always where I can use improvement. I am still losing steadily. I think if I really put in an effort more, I would lose more.

One thing at a time, I will get there eventually!

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Bit Longer

I didn't blog yesterday since there really was not much to say. I went out and while I ran longer legs during my trek, my overall time was slower again.

I know I am going for distance right now but it is disappointing to be slower. It is not a huge difference but enough to make me sigh.

Today I went out walking rather than my normal walk/run. I still get a good workout since I am pushing the stroller with two kids and have a third across my chest. I had someone with me today so adding talking into the mix had me puffing and sweating on the hills. I also went a little longer than normal since I was walking. I will have to go drive it to get the actual distance I went. I am thinking I added an extra half mile, maybe.

Tomorrow, I am not sure when I will be able to get out for a run. I am thinking I may have to do it after the kids are in bed but we will see. Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Quarter

I got out of the house much sooner than I normally do so was finished with my run shortly after 9 am. There is not a lot to say about my run this morning.

It was easier in some ways. My breathing is getting much easier, my mind is wandering some. When I first started, I was counting steps, I was watching a mailbox in front of me, where I would walk again. Today, I targeted a mailbox up ahead but then starting thing of the errands I needed to do later. Before I knew it, the mailbox was right there in front of me. I did one leg that was almost 2:30 since I was not quite so focused on running.

In other ways, it was still hard. My legs hurt, my arms hurt and I still live in a hilly area. I am still pushing a double stroller. I still weigh too much.

I did get an MP3 player today. Now I can listen to some tunes while I am running. I think that will help out in making it seem to go faster. Of course, it will be down low so I can still hear traffic but it will be nice to have.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Two Minutes

I managed to run several 2 minute legs of my run this morning. Now, 2 minutes doesn't sound like a long time but when you are out of shape, it is a lifetime! I never knew 2 minutes would last so long. I thought for sure I had been running closer to 5 minutes. Oh well, I will get there eventually.

I noticed that today, my breathing was a little easier and my legs are not as tired. My overall time was slower today, I did my two miles in 27:50:10 I can also see why it is advised to ditch the watch.

When out running, the watch becomes like a scale. I keep looking at it, trying to remember if I was at X point yesterday before or after this time. Then the mild panic when it looks like my time will be slower! Horror! LOL I need to just leave it at home because right now, it truly doesn't matter if I am slower or not. I am out there and I am running. I need to concentrate on that more than my speed. Once I can go the distance I want, then I will worry about speed.

I got in about 90 ounces of water today. I need to get in some tomorrow before I run though. I probably should bring water too but right now I am already carting a load of stuff when I go run. I have the stroller, 2 kids, blankets on said kids, cell phone and keys. Add in there that I am not coordinated enough yet to push a stroller, run, breathe AND drink water at the same time. I will get there but I am not there yet.

I did get to add another quarter to my bank and I added a few more reasons to my cards.

I have mentioned that I post on another board and am taking part in a 6 week challenge there. A couple of the ladies on my team (we are the POINTer Sisters) have decided to look into starting a running program. I just love how we motivate each other and inspire one another. Isn't the internet grand??

Monday, October 31, 2005


Oh yeah, I went down a pound again this week. Wheee!!

I went out running this morning with Kierynn and Rhys. I did my 2 miles in 27:17.

I have been reading Runner's World Complete Guide to Beginning Runningand decided to take some suggestions that they have to make a running program more successful.

I got a piggy bank today, it is actually a pink elephant. It looks close enough to a pig though. After every run, I am plunking a quarter into it. Once it full, I will use the money to get something. It will be fun to hear it filling up.

Another suggestion was to make "Why I Run" cards. I have a spiral notebook of index cards, I have to write down why I run on each card. Right now, the reasons I run are few. I run because it is good exercise. I run to lose weight. Beyond that, I can't really think of any other compelling reason to run. As they occur to me, I will add them down.

I am going to go out running again tomorrow. Go me.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Late But Done

I almost blew it off when I looked and it was already 10 pm. I didn't though, I still went out and did my 2 miles today. I alternated walking and running. I finished 3 minutes faster than yesterday, which is a good thing.

I tell you, it was tough out there running this evening. The temperature is below 40°F and so taking a deep breath makes your lungs cold enough to burn. It got better about half a mile into my run. At about the one mile mark, my legs were feeling it. I am sure part of it was that the one mile mark is at the top of an incline. Granted, it is a small incline but I could definitely feel it.

I varied my route a little tonight. I still ran the same distance and the same route, just backwards. Where I normally turn and go around a block, I went straight and came back around. Probably makes no sense to read that but it makes sense when you actually see it.

Tomorrow is my day of rest from exercise but I think I am going to go walk anyway. I have momentum going and I hate to break it.

I ordered a new scale and it will be interesting to see how it weighs me compared to my current one. I don't know if I will change to the new one for "official" weigh ins or wait until the six week challenge I am in is over. I will see once the scale gets here and I try it out.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Two Miles

I may have looked totally silly today but I braved the darn chilly weather to go out walking. It was below 40F when I went out so I had the kiddies bundled up good. The two older ones (4 and 2) were in the stroller while the baby (9 weeks old) was in a sling. It was some work, let me tell you, to push that stroller with the baby on my chest up some of the hills in my walking route. Still, I managed to do it in just at 30 minutes. This is a good workout and it will be interesting to see how my times would be if I didn't have the jogger. My almost 13 year old said he would watch the kids for a bit toimorrow so I can go out by myself for a walk/run. Yay!!

I got in just over 80 oz of water today. I also didn't give into temptation when I went through fast food to get the kids dinner after a Cub Scout Pack meeting. I did eat some cookies at said meeting though.

I ordered a new scale tonight, not sure if it is going to be a wise move. It is one that is more accurate, measures in tenths rather than just in pounds, like my current scale. I don't want to become a scale slave, and I can see it happening, so I may have to get my kids to hide it between weigh ins. I know the scale lies but I still try to get it to say what I want each week.

While I was walking today, I was thinking of alternate places to go walk/run. I have a large van so it is easy enough to load in my jogging stroller. I may have to invest in a weather cover for my jogging stroller though. I obviously won't take the kids out in bad weather but the cover may provide a nice enough wind block when it is a bit chilly out. I work up a sweat and stay warm but they don't get that just sitting in the stroller.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Water Again

I got in a slew of water yesterday and today I did pretty well.

I have a very bad case of the blah's right now. I am sure it is related to the crummy weather but I am not feeling very motivated to eat right, to exercise, to blog or do much of anything.

I am kicking myself in the tail, even as I type, to pull myself back together and get back on track.

If you are reading along, feel free to rattle my chain to get me motivated!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Turtle vs Hare

Apparently my weight is doing the Tortise and Hare style of loss. I would like to be the Hare, going fast with dramatic changes. My body has other ideas, it is the Tortise. I know slow and steady wins the race and I should be happy with ANY loss but darn it! I want something bigger!!

I got a late start this morning since I really didn't want to go grocery shopping. I delayed long enough that I barely got back into the driveway when the preschool bus showed up to drop off my preschool guy.

Since I was getting ready to go out, I once again forgot my breakfast. I realized it when I was in the store and everything was looking really good. Whoops! I am on track for water, doing okay with my food and went walking.

I really need to get my little bottle out since I drink more when I am constantly refilling it. I also did very well with my food. My kids had chili dogs, I had a grilled chicken breast with acorn squash. That worked out well since really, I don't like hot dogs that much. I used to but since I used dehydrated hot dogs to train my dogs in competition obedience, I can't eat them anymore LOL I got some walking in but I need to also get some more. It is so darn cold out, it is hard to whip up some enthusiasm to take the baby out into the chill. I may look into mall walking when the weather is really cold.

Tomorrow I am going to try out a new recipe that looks pretty darn yummy. Chicken, apples, onions, maple syrup and lite italian dressing. I think my kids will turn up noses at it since if that chicken isn't fried, they don't really like it. I also picked up a delicta squash to eat, not as decoration. Since I like most squash, but not summer squash, I thought I would try baking it with a bit of butter and nutmeg.

I am feeling very blah about keeping a food diary. I know I need to, I just need to get back into it.

I am down a whopping pound this week.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


After a gorgeous, sunny day yesterday, it is a gray, miserable, drizzly day here. Since we were doing so much yesterday, we all slept in this morning.

This morning I have been OP for both my meals and my water. It is so yucky out that I don't want to go out walking so pulled out my DVDs later to do that instead. I need to push my water too.

Tomorrow is my weigh in so I am a bit apprehensive. Still, I know that the scale lies in that it may or may not show what I want right then but it eventually will!

Yeah, I know I said I would write my meals but I am whipped. Be happy I am blogging!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I have been running around like a madwoman since yesterday, getting ready for today.

Today was the day when everything converged at one point and I needed to be in 4 places at about the same time, taking 6 kids to various events. I got everything worked out though and everyone was at their appointed place at the correct time.

I spent the day teaching 80 Cub Scouts about astronomy and I helped build a scale model of the solar system 4 times.

Since we were out and on the go all day, I did horrible. Not nearly as horrible as I could have but still pretty bad. I definately cringed when I ordered my plain ole Whopper Jr (but much better than a bacon cheese whopper) Since I was talking and moving a lot, I didn't drink nearly the water I should have and actually have a headache from it right now.

Slap my wrists now and I will be back OP in full force tomorrow, writing my meals and getting my water.

Friday, October 21, 2005


This morning started out with a bang. We all overslept and woke up as the school bus was passing by the house. We raced around to get lunches packed, breakfast eaten, baby fed and out the door to get the two elementary kids to school on time. Ugh, I hate feeling rushed.

I am working on my water this morning, almost at 32 oz. The kids want to go out for dinner so I am trying to decide where we can go that will have the least damage on ME LOL Neither place they want to go is very friendly to those trying to watch their weight....IHOP and Cracker Barrel.

This weekend is going to be hectic. I have CubNFamily, where I am teaching Astronomy to a load of Cub Scouts. My two Boy Scouts have Merit Badge University all day Saturday, my Brownie is going to a Pumpkin patch. I am dropping the 2 and 4 year old with a friend while I go teach. I think it is going to be an early night Saturday!

I am hoping once everyone is home from school, we can go out walking.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I actually contemplated not going out walking this morning since I just was not that motivated to do it. I overcame it and Kierynn, Rhys and I did a brisk 2 mile walk. My neighborhood has a load of hills and inclines so it is quite a workout doing it with the double stroller. I have a CD that keeps me at a 15 minute mile pace and I was just a hair faster today. I know that only because when I got back in my driveway, I still had music playing.

I pushed water big time today and I got in 110 oz! Go me! I actually had 128 oz but since my two wee ones grab it and drink it too occasionally, I took off.

My legs are protesting the walk this morning. I think it is from the hills. I know I would love to rollerblade but the inclines in this neighborhood scare me to death on rollerblades. When the weather is nice, I rollerblade around the elementary school. Hopefully in a few months I can do that again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Water, Water

I feel like I am drowning in water! I got some 1.25 pt water bottles yesterday since I found them for 50 cents. I get my huge Mug O' Water and then fill the smaller, clear bottles. With the smaller bottle, I can actually see how much I have left. What I find kinda weird, I drink more if I use a straw than if I just drink from a glass. Go figure.

I did fine with my eating today.

B: yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch
L: calzone, cottage cheese
D: egg casserole, biscuit, gravy

What? No salad? Nope, not today. I just didn't much feel like eating one. Today it was pretty warm here, it was crazy. We dropped down to the low 40's earlier in the week and today we got up to almost 90! I had to take one of the boys to the dentist and it was warm enough in the office that I took Rhys out of his overalls down to just his onesie.

I got the tire fixed on my double jogging stroller so tomorrow, after Iain gets on his bus, Kierynn, Rhys and I are heading out walking. I really would like to get an MP3 player to have since a CD player skips when you walk.

Tomorrow, I plan to drink even MORE water.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I had an entire post all done and I lost it! Grrr!!

Okay, so today I had a fairly good day. I had a mini challenge on another board I post on, to drink more water. I normally try to drink a Mug O' Water (64 oz) a day. Today, I have drank one mug and should finish the second mug shortly. That is a load of water!!

B: Cheerios
L: ham wrap (ham, wheat tortilla, broccoli shreds, LCL)
D: calzone, green/wax beans/carrots, salad
S: SF FF pudding, graham crackers

I did my Walk/Kick DVD today. It was marginally easier but I still feel like an uncoordinated dork when I try to move my feet and hands at the same time. I can do my feet, I can do my hands but put them together and my brain just shorts out. I will get it eventually though!

Monday, October 17, 2005

One Pound

Well, a loss is better than a gain, no matter how small, right? I am down a pound from last weigh in. Go me! I got to add more red to the thermometer which is always a good thing!

I found a new DVD today, one that features both walking and a bit of kick boxing. Kick boxing and I don't have a cordial relationship. I get very frustrated with it because I can't seem to coordinate my arms and legs correctly. This work out was challenging enough without making me want to kick something and break it out of dispair. It is a 30 minute work out and I was most certainly glowing by the end of it. About half way through, Kierynn decided I needed encouragement. "You are doing great, Mom!" Nothing motivates you like a loving almost 3 year old cheering you on. She was standing next to me, dancing (running in place and jumping around) while I did this.

Why, when I am not actively trying to eat better and lose weight, I eat every single meal and look for more yet when I am trying to lose weight, I forget to eat meals and don't really notice it? I was doing things today and didn't realize until close to lunch that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. I really need to make more of an effort to not do that.

L: cottage cheese, sloppy joe (no bun)
D: chicken with broccoli/cauliflower, cottage cheese, salad
S: FF SF pudding

I finished my water, started on a second mug but probably won't finish it tonight. My water is being pilfered by a almost 3 year old and 4.5 year old. They think it is fair game, no matter what is in it, rather than drinking their own water. Little fiends.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Slow Weekend

How can that be? I had a slow weekend? Well, not really. Saturday was incredibly busy but as far as eating and exercising, it was slow.

It is fall, which means it is the time that Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are selling popcorn. I have 2 Boy Scouts and 1 Cub Scout. One of the Boy Scouts, his troop doesn't sell popcorn but the other two boys do. This means that I take them around the neighborhood selling it.

We walked about 3 miles today, up and down hills. I was also pushing the double stroller and had the baby in a sling. My calves are feeling it!

I signed up to be part of a six week challenge on a board I belong to. My goal is small, lose 5 lbs in those six weeks. I know I can do it.

My meals yesterday were:

B: Eggbeater omelet w/cheese
L: Chicken Enchilada, salad
D: Sloppy joe, veggie mix, salad

Today it was:

B: yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch
L: ham wrap (wheat tortilla, ham slice, veggie shreds for crunch, cheese and dijon mustard)
Snack: graham crackers (2)
D: grilled pork chop, green beans, cottage cheese, salad
S: SF FF pudding

Tomorrow is weigh in day for me. Some times I think I should do what a lot of people advice, toss the scale. I should go off of how I feel and how things are fitting but I can't bring myself to do that yet. Maybe one of these days I will stop looking at it but now, I still want to see the actual numbers on there each week.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Already There

When I signed on earlier today, I saw something on my welcome screen about 4 helpful tips and I caught the word weight. I clicked over and read what the 4 helpful tips to losing weight are. I found it interesting since they are things I am already doing.

1. Stay positive. Don't beat yourself up if you slip. Starving yourself or overexercising the next day won't help. Simply resolve to get back on your program right away. Boy, aren't we all guilty of this? No one is as hard on me and unforgiving of me than I am.

2. Keep a food diary. Take notes on what you eat and where, as well as your mood. After one week, review your entries. If you find you use food to soothe or reward yourself, look for healthy alternatives. I sorta do that here but I have not really written when and where I eat. I already know that night time snacking is my big problem area as far as food goes.

3. Set realistic goals. Change one thing about your diet each week: Cut back on portion size, or buy more fresh produce. Be reasonable -- if your diet is too restrictive, you'll lose motivation. Another good thing. I have mini goals in mind rather than the big picture. It can be so overwhelming to be so focused on the big loss rather than being excited by a small loss.

4. Make a commitment Do 30 minutes of moderate activity (walking works fine) most days of the week. After two weeks, add 5 minutes to each session. To shed pounds, work up to 60 minutes a day. Ugh, who likes to exercise but it is a necessary evil. I am hoping one day that I will actually like to exercise but some how, I think it is still quite a ways into the future.

How interesting that this was posted though and I happened to see it. Things that make you say "hmmmmm"

B: yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch
L: no yelling, I forgot to eat lunch today
D: chicken enchilada, salad, wax beans

I know, I skipping meals! I didn't intend to skip lunch, I just got busy doing something and meant to get lunch but time got away. Before I knew it, it was dinner time. I have a huge pan of chicken enchiladas left since it feeds 16. I fed 7 people this evening with it and there are still easily 12 servings left. I am going to freeze it. Picky darn kids...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Small Change

I noticed today, as I was doing things around the house, that my pants were dragging on the ground. Now, the pair of pants I had on never had that problem before. I generally buy the tall pants in my size because the normal inseam is too short for my legs. I rolled my pants up a bit and kept doing whatever I was doing. Shortly after that, my pants really started to annoy me. It seemed like I was forever dragging the hems and I was doing something else I didn't even realize for awhile. I kept pulling my pants up.

Now why, I can hear some of you asking yourself, is that significant? It is significant because it means that my waist and/or stomach area is shrinking! If I have to keep hiking those pants up and the hems are now dragging, it is because they are getting loose and not fitting me the same way. I don't know about you but I find that pretty exciting! These are regular jeans too, I wore them prior to becoming pregnant with Rhys.

It is a great boost to my self esteem to have some tangible evidence (besides the scale) that this is working! Woo hoo! Now, for the less great news, I didn't do as well as I should have today. I tested my will power and it came up lacking. I got some cookies and they called me all day long. I was only going to eat one, it became two and then the cookies went into the big trash can outside. I can't even have them in the house. How sad is it that an adult woman can't leave cookies alone? I can leave all the stuff for the kids lunches alone so why not cookies? Probably because they were "my" cookies. Well, lesson learned, no lasting damage beyond mortification done.

B: cottage cheese (1 cup with equal, cinnamon, nutmeg)
L: chicken with couscous (SBD frozen meal)
D: sloppy joe (no bun, 1/2 cup), corn/broccoli/carrots (1 cup), salad (medium)
S: apple

Here is to more of my pants not fitting soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feeling It

I have been doing my DVDs, 1 mile in the morning, 2 miles in the evening. I got out the actual 3 mile one last night and let me tell you...there are 3 miles and there are 3 miles. While it didn't feel like much of a difference, I can feel it today. Of course, part of that could be because I had a 10 lbs weight, in the form of a fussy baby boy, in my arms for part of it.

We went out selling popcorn again today so I count that as my work out. Granted, I was not actively walking the entire 90 minutes we were out but I was pushing a double stroller. I think I can count it.

B: yogurt w/Kashi cereal mixed in
L: cheeseburger pie, broccoli
D: huge salad: lettuce, boiled egg, veggie shreds, cucumber, dried cranberries, cheese, sunflower seeds, ham
S: graham crackers

Veggie shreds - what the heck are they? My grocery store carries a bag of shredded broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage in a bag. I guess you make coleslaw from it. I put it on salads, in stir fry...nice crunch to it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What Happened?

I was reading back in some old posts. I was full of enthusiasm, I was going strong, I was pumped up and on track. Then it went away.

It was not a sudden thing. It was far more asidious than that. It was a gradual, gentle thing. It started out simple enough, I am sure. It was a busy night and rather than take the time to fix something decent to eat, I went with the easier road. Things ran late, I can't go out walking now..I will do more tomorrow. And the snowball effect started. Rather than get back on program it was just easier to stay off track. Pounds started to creep back on and before Bob's Your Uncle, I was right back to square one, frustrated and daunted by the idea of having to start all over again.

Have you seen the commercial where everyone is looking for the easy button? That is what happened to me. I hit the easy button and I have no one to blame but myself. I have to realize that this is *not* easy and I can't push the easy button if I want this to become a new life style, a way of living for me. I can't compromise here and promise to make it up to myself, I can't skip exercise consistantly and think I will actually do more the next time. I would only be fooling myself because I know that I *won't* do more the next time, I will play the justification game. "Well, I did exercise so even if I don't do the stuff I didn't do yesterday, it is exercise and therefore good for me." Ah, the ways we try to fool ourselves!

This blog is another way of keeping me on track. I don't know who all reads it, I made it a public blog so others could come in here. People rarely comment but I wish they would, even if it is a simple I read your blog comment. I know I am not alone in this quest, there are others out there. I have several wonderful groups of very diverse women who are helping me as well. Oh well, my self lecture is over today!

Yesterday's meals....cause I was doing other things and didn't come on to blog BUT...did ya see I lost 3 lbs since my last weight in?!!?? Wooooo!!!

B: omelette made w/Eggbeaters, cheese
L: lean ground beef patty, cottage cheese
S: caramel rice cake
D: spaghetti pie, broccoli and cauliflower (leftover night!)

Today's meals:
B: bowl of cereal (Lucky Charms, not the best choice out there but I wanted them)
L: Huge salad - lettuce, shredded carrots/cabbage/broccoli/cauliflower, apple, ham, cottage cheese, cheese, dressing>
D: Cheeseburger pie, broccoli
S: Popcorn

A word on the Lucky Charms (or as my 2 year old calls them Yucky Charms)I am not stressing and worrying about every single bite being a healthy, wholesome choice. Yes, I strive to do that but if I make a bad choice occasionally, that is okay. As long as it is only occasionally. If I ate Yucky Charms every morning, that would be a problem. I normally do eat a decent breakfast so it is okay every now and again. No, this is not the justification I talked about earlier. It is just unrealistic of me to expect perfection in my eating habits. Everyone has a day when they want something and today, I wanted those silly marshmallow shapes!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fake Sour Cream

I have used plain ole yogurt in other things in place of sour cream but tonight I took the plunge. I put it on a baked potato.

I made the kids baked potatoes and included a small red potato for me. I cut it in half and Iain had the other half. I put a dollop of plain yogurt on it in place of sour cream and it tasted fine. Granted, the entire portion was only 4 bites but it still didn't taste like a baked potato with yogurt on it. It tasted like sour cream.

B: plain yougurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch added in
L: chicken and penne in a red pepper sauce, broccoli
S: caramel rice cakes
D: grilled steak, wax beans, salad and 1/2 small baked potato

I didn't exercise today but I consider Sunday as my free day as far as exercise goes.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Patting Myself

I fell pretty darn good about myself today. It is not really anything major, to most people, but to me, it was.

I took my entire gang out to a movie today. I brought along 5 Red Vines to munch on rather than get a box of Milk Duds or something. Our plan was to go out to dinner after the movie but the kidlets decided they really wanted Burger King instead.

I didn't get myself anything! Now, before you think I am made of steel....we went through the drive through so I was not sitting in there being tempted. I came home and did leftovers for myself.

I also walked about a mile, pushing a double stroller on inclined roads. Not a great workout but still better than nothing. We were out selling Cub Scout Popcorn.

B: plain yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch added in
S: 2 graham crackers
L: Ham/Turkey wrap, ff/sf jello
S: 5 pieces Red Vines(movie!)
D: Mini Meatloaf, cauliflower, salad

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bad Me

I fell flat today. Not literally, of course, but flat anyway you want to look at it.

I have been doing well with exercise but I let today get away from me without doing much. Now, that is not to say I did absolutely nothing but sit and watch TV today. I was doing laundry, toting the kidlets into the store, hoisting them into the cart and pushing the cart that had about 90 lbs of kid in it. That is better than nothing, right? Right??!!? ;)

I did okay on my eating today and got my water in. Some days it is hard to be sure on my water since my little ones like to grab it and drink it as well. It doesn't matter what I have in my mug, they want it. Iain even insisted he *loved* plain yogurt when he saw me with some.

B: plain yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Crunch stirred in
L: hamburger patty, corn/carrots/broccoli, salad, 1/2 banana (the kids had a PB, honey and banana sandwich..I got the leftover banana)
S: graham crackers
D: fiesta mini meatloaf, broccoli, salad, oven fries

Tomorrow should be interesting since I believe we are going to eat out. I am taking all of the kids to a movie and it will get out right around dinner. Rather than try to rush home and fix something, I may take them out to eat since we will be right there where all the resturants are.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Making A Change

After being asked how I eat so little without getting a migraine or starving, I decided to make an effort to eat more. Now, before anyone thinks this is a bad idea, I am a nursing mother. This means I actually do need an additional 500 calories a day to keep a decent milk supply in. Naturally, I picked a crappy day to do it.

I had to go grocery shopping, hampered by a fusspot who didn't want to ride in his carseat but wanted to be held...where he would promptly fall asleep. He is less than 2 months old so I can cut him some slack. His older sister, however, was just a pill because she wanted to walk and I would not let her. I tell this so you realize why it took me much longer than normal to get it done. I thought I had nearly an hour to make it home before a different son got off the preschool bus. Wrong. I had 20 minutes! I made it.

I literally ate my lunch while I unloaded groceries. A bite, put away a bag of stuff, a bite. I had a Cub Scout meeting this evening so dinner was ready by 5:15 pm so I could take off at 6:00 pm to get the sitter.

It was just probably not the best day to try to implement a few extra calories. I did eat today though.

B: nutri grain cereal bar (grabbed on the way out the door so I could put down SOMETHING!)
L: grilled chicken, brown rice
S: caramel rice cake
D: cheesey spaghetti bake (it was 6 pts for WW)

I was waaaaayyy low on veggies today but will do better tomorrow! Good night Scarlett!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lazy Day

For a change, I didn't have any errands to run, nothing pressing that needed to be done at all do I had a very lazy day. It was nice not having to feel rushed through the day to get things done before I needed to start dinner.

B: 1/2 multigrain bagel with Laughing Cow Lite cheese
L: Broccoli and Beef, carrots
D: pan seared chicken, brown rice, cauliflower, pineapple hunks
S: pumpkin spice muffin

On another board, someone asked how we (several of us post our food journal) eat so little without feeling hungry.

I normally don't eat breakfast, it is a crazy time of the day for me. I am trying to make sure that 5 kids get out the door, are dressed, fed and have everything they need. I am also feeding one who is a food lover so she finishes her "drinking yogurt" and wants cereal or something else. Add in there a newborn who may or may not wake up and you can see why eating breakfast sometimes just falls by the wayside. I do eat lunch and dinner (although sometimes I get distracted at lunch too). If I am hungry, I will eat.

So how, I can hear you thinking, do you weigh so much if you don't eat that much? The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind (sorry, had to do it) but it is caused by snacking! Snacking is my downfall.

A bite of this, a nibble of that, a cookie here, a handful of crackers there... Not only is it high calorie, it is high calorie junk! It does add up faster than you think. I cut that out and realize I don't eat nearly as much as I thought.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm Feeling It!

Yesterday, I was kinda surprised that even after doing the 1 and 2 mile DVDs (for a total of 3 miles), I didn't really feel like I had done very much. Heh, I was feeling those muscles today when I started the 2 mile DVD. I guess that will teach me to be cavalier about exercise, huh?

I didn't do very well with my water drinking today. I should have brought my mug with me down to our Nashville appointment but in the chaos of getting 4 kids dressed and into the van, I forgot to bring it along.

I did pretty well with my meals, I think.

B: yogurt
L: chicken breast strips, cauliflower and broccoli
D: hamburger patty, green/wax beans, carrots, salad
S: pumpkin spice muffins - this was really good! 1 box of spice cake, 1 can of pumpkin and 3/4 cup of water. Mix well and bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes. I can already tell you I am going to have to hide these from the kids!

I have no appointments or meetings tomorrow...woo I am going to try to take Kierynn and Rhys out walking after Iain gets on his bus. I also am going to really work on my water.

Monday, October 03, 2005

No Change

Today was my weekly weigh in and there was no change from last week. I am not overly surprised since I was running like a wild woman last week. Running as in having to ferry kids to various appointments with little time between to do much of anything.

All soda is out of the house, to include diet soda. I am drinking water and Crystal Lite. I am adding water to my mug of Crystal Lite as I drink it so I end up drinking more water by the end of the day.

This morning I did the one mile Walk Away The Pounds DVD. It was not much of a workout at all so later in the day, I did the two mile one as well. That caused me to break into a light sweat but it still didn't feel like it was a strenous workout.

My meals today:

B: Yoplait Light Yogurt

L: Salad w/broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, apple, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds and 1 slice chopped ham

D: Salad (see above but no ham or sunflower seeds), BBQ muffin (Biscuit, BBQ Beef (maybe 1/4 cup), brussel sprouts

I think I probably should eat a bit more since I am nursing but I am not that hungry. I normally don't eat a big salad at dinner but we were running wild tonight since we had Cub Scouts and then a missing ingredient for dinner forced us into leftovers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm Back!

It hasn't been quite six weeks since the parasite I mentioned before was taken care of :grin: Aidan Rhys was born August 16. Since Rhys was born, I have lost all my pregnancy weight as well as a little bit more. I am below my pre-pregnancy weight but not back to my starting weight when I started this blog. Eeek! Wow, it hard to believe it was 2 years ago when I started this.

I am going to start my program again on Monday. Why Monday? Because on Monday, things will settle back into the normal, hectic pace that I am used to and I can actual get to doing what I need to do, exercise and food wise.

I have considered doing WW online only because many of my friends are doing that and it would be additional support. I dunno, I will still think about it.

Now, I am off to redo my thermometer to accurately reflect my current stats.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Gaining Weight

Okay, I know you all think that it is because I have been slack that my midsection is expanding. Happily, that is not the case! My midsection is expanding on its own due to a parasite growing within me. Doctors assure me that once I am rid of this parasite, I will be able to lose weight again but advise me to refrain from losing weight until that time.

Before you gasp in horror and shock at this hideous thing taking place, be assured, it will be fine. The parasite is merely another baby that we are expecting in August.

I am feeling pretty good now and want to restart swimming again. I had planned to begin last week but the pool was drained and cleaned. Call me a sissy but I want to water a bit warmer before I immerse myself in it again.

Check back in late August for details on the new baby and my weight loss attempts that will begin again by October.