Friday, April 08, 2011

Fish and More
I guess it is not really a surprise that I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon yet again, is it?

Things are going well on the WW front. There has been some bumps along the way and my loss has slowed but I am still down over 25 lbs since September so that is not bad at all.

I just need to be really diligent in tracking, that is the key to keep me losing. When I don't track, I am much more likely to make poor choices. Well, not necessarily poor choices but choices that may not have been the best choice possible.

I have been eating more fish. I am not a seafood fan so this is a big leap for me. Tonight was another leap for me, as far as seafood goes. I have been eating only fresh fish but tonight, I tried some "previously frozen" turbo fillets. I didn't know it had been frozen or I would have chosen a different fish. As it was, I did like it. Greg had asked me to get cod and I decided to try turbo instead. I just didn't tell him it was cod and he was fine with it.

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