Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Woo hoo! I was down almost 9 lbs at my first weigh in today. I know I won't continue to lose that much each week but it was pretty darn awesome to see.

I will be so glad when my mouth is healed. I had to get a root canal and then a crown fitted. While I was numb, I bit my cheek....which was then further irritated by shots to numb it for additional work. So I have a very swollen mouth, a bruise on the roof of my mouth and even a prescription rinse only helps for so long.

I decided to take a page from Andrea's book, as it were, and get pictures taken of me every 10 lbs. The first one, that started this entire thing, will never, ever be posted. I may or may not post the others.

Yay FreeAgents! They have a page on Facebook. I really need to stop into RWOL more often but when I know I am not running like I should, it is a bit hard to be enthusiastic about posting crummy milage.

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